It’s April now and if you visited this site during the last month (March) you might have noticed a banner with #stopwaterpipepleaks” message on it (see image), right on the front page of


The banner of the #stopwaterpipeleaks campaign held on Kamversation during the month of March


You see, in February I came across three cases of water main pipe leaks and that experience has got me into thinking about initiating the #stopwaterpipeleaks. So I decided to use Kamversation as a platform to run a small-scaled campaign in March in conjunction with World Water Day (March 22nd) and I have written about this in a previous post here.

I have also produced videos (here and here) as part of the campaign, in addition to posts on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

In March alone, during the “campaign,” I had discovered three new cases which involved a fire hydrant located on a side of a pedestrian walkway as well as two cases of pipe leaks near the gymnasium I visited (see photo). All the three cases have already been reported.


I have started #stopwaterpipeleaks initiative as a small step towards creating awareness among readers of Kamversation as well on friends on Facebook and Twitter. I have interacted with a couple of friends who were supportive of it and for that, I am grateful.

Now that Kamversation no longer displays the #stopwaterpipeleaks so called “campaign” banner as it was actually planned to run in March only, I certainly hope the spirit of wanting to help stop water pipe leaks among us will continue to live on.

Let us continue to help #stopwaterpipeleaks!

Thank you for your support.

Kam Hashim