Google, in 2016, took down 1.7 billion ads that violated its advertising policies, according to Scott Spencer, director of product management, sustainable ads of Google, in a blog post that was published on January 25, 2017.

Here’s what’s also interesting – the amount of 1.7 billion was actually more than double the amount of bad ads that Google took down previously, in 2015, Scott confirmed in the blog post.

Scott went on to say that there were two key things that Google did that contributed to taking down the bad ads – it “expanded “its “policies to better protect users from misleading and predatory offers,” and, it “beefed up” its “technology to spot and disable bad ads even faster.”

The bad ads that Google took actions against in 2016 were “ads for illegal products,” “misleading ads,” “bad ads on mobile,” “ads trying to game the system”, and, “promoting and profiting from bad sites.”

One of the alarming points not to be missed in the post, was, in 2016, Google discovered the growing of tabloid cloakers which Scott described as, “a new type of scammer that tries to game our system by pretending to be news.”

Well folks, this should also be a reminder to us to exercise caution when online.

The blog post can be accessed on Google’s website at the following link: