The Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Center (MaGIC) will soon be fully operational in May.

Yesterday was an important day for the new organization as officials were holding their first media briefing during a pre-launch event which took place at MaGIC’s headquarters in Cyberjaya.

During the session Tan Sri Dr. Irwan Serigar Abdullah, Secretary General of Treasury, Ministry of Finance who is also the Chairman of MaGIC shared a lot of information about the organization including regarding MaGIC’s CEO who was said to be reporting for duty in just a few days from now, on April 15th.

MaGIC is one of the most key events impacting entrepreneurs in Malaysia which I have ever seen since I started to get to know the local startup industry more closely a couple of years ago.

As someone who’s keen on seeing a more vibrant local startup scene in Malaysia, I am inspired by this whole development of MaGIC because of what the organization is set to do “…to transform our country into a dynamic entrepreneurial nation…”

(I’ve shared some personal thoughts in a previous post – MaGIC to spur growth of entrepreneurship in Malaysia).

Finally, videos of yesterday’s media briefing are available on Ustream and you can access them at this link: MaGIC Teh Tarik Session.

Here’s one of them.


Video streaming by Ustream



By Kam Hashim