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Pushing the boundaries, one foot at a time

achievepic1It was drizzling for a little bit where I was last Saturday. Some thick clouds were blocking hot afternoon sun from beaming straight on the running track I was on, most of the time. I had my ears plugged with earphones to listen to some music which I rarely do nowadays when I run. It was the day I had a personal breakthrough — I was able to complete the longest distance I’ve ever run, on that afternoon!

I enjoy running because the activity helps me maintain at a reasonable fitness level. Mind you, I am no pro runner or a marathoner.

Actually, I did not plan to break my own record that day. However, as I got so in tuned with the rhythm while moving on the track, I decided to keep sweating it out.

Running for me doesn’t just take a physical endurance to build a momentum by placing one foot in front of the other but it also requires me to be mentally prepared to push through. I kept reminding myself of that during the Saturday run to not giving up. I wanted to test my own limits.

A similar thing happened a few months ago when I surprised myself during a morning run. I was able to push myself and complete a 14-kilometer run, thanks to my running buddies who were a great sport. That was the longest distance I had ever run in a single stretch at that point. I admit it was not easy but the feeling of success was simply amazing.

That record though, as you know, has been officially shattered by last Saturday’s milestone.

Not long ago, I was able to convince myself to try out something new. I was looking into taking part in the Kuala Lumpur Tower International Night Towerthon Challenge 2012 and I never regret the decision I made. The moment I crossed the finish line inside that 421-meter tower has remained one of the sweetest memories.

These have been some personal breakthroughs which insisted on one important reminder – I would not have discovered my ability had I not tried.

You see, once in a while life needs a little nudge to motivate us to improve ourselves.

In the case of last Saturday, a desire to try to concur a distance beyond what I had achieved earlier was enough of a nudge to get me through.

With one foot at a time, I opted to push my own boundaries and at my own pace, not trying to compete with anybody. I am grateful for the choice bestowed upon me.

You never know what you are capable of until you try.

By Kam Hashim



It was so awesome to have met with Bill Rodgers during a run in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007.




By Kam Hashim



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