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Thumbs up to tosey

Tosey is my latest breakfast crave.

It looks like a pancake or a French crepe and it taste a bit sour.

Rice is among the batter ingredients to create this interesting thin pancake.

Tosey was a regular sell at some food stalls and restaurants around where I grew up in Malaysia.

I don’t remember having tosey in the past, even if I did, the taste never stuck with me anyway. My taste buds then were mostly fixed to roti canai, another local type of pancake.

It was a personal nudge that took me to try out tosey a few weeks ago and the encounter ended with a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the food, simply said.

Texture and taste of the tosey plus the sauce or chutney (a type of condiment) that came with it simply won me over.

Tosey is less oily than roti canai (favorite pancake since childhood!) and that was a big influence to my decision to order it. Regular lentil (dahl) gravy was there too but the chutney was the sauce I fancied with tosey.

The chutney had in it at least blended lentils, curry leaves, mint, chilly and spices. It looked similar to hummus except there was more liquid in it.

To savor the big piece of tosey, small bits were pinched off of it and dipped into the sauce. Yummy, indeed!

Oh, and having a hot tea with the meal was appropriately so to wash the food down my throat. Minty taste remained in the mouth for a tad while.

A combo of tosey and delicious chutney can please my appetite, for sure.

What do you like best for breakfast?





  1. Nazri

    Cannot say that I’ve ever tasted tosey.

  2. Pak Zawi

    I love tosei too.

  3. Badrul Rahman

    That’s another type of tosai called rava. This is rather on the spicy side. Make that very spicy. You’ve been warned…

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